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Read Now: Good Ol' Boys Series Book 4


When my best friend unwittingly walks in on me in the shower, our platonic dynamic goes down the drain.

Dan has golden retriever energy.

We’re polar opposites, sunshine and rain.

I should’ve known moving in with him would throw a kink in my plans to be grouchy and alone. He makes me smile way too much.

After getting cheated on by my high school sweetheart last year, I started spiraling, and I almost failed three classes. I will not be falling in love any time soon, not until after I graduate.

I do, however, need a rebound—no strings attached.

(Preferably someone damaged and heartless like me.)

Dan wants to lose his virginity and find a sweet, bubbly girlfriend before graduation, and I signed up to be his wingwoman. It shouldn’t be too hard, considering he’s the golden boy.

Everything was going just fine until that steamy afternoon when I borrowed his shower, he walked in, and now he’ll never be able to look at that removable showerhead the same way again.

Or me.

Kissing Friends is a dual POV, best friends/roommates to lovers, bull rider/cowboy, reverse grumpy x sunshine, opposites attract, forced proximity, male v-card love story with no cheating and a happily-ever-after ending. It is book four in the Good Ol' Boys Series, but can be read as a complete standalone.


Four best friends leave a small, isolated, religious community in Texas to attend college.
They were raised to be southern gentlemen.
They've never tasted alcohol, been to a party, or seen a woman naked.
Until now.

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