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I mean, it’s close. I can see why you’d think that.
It started with the usual. I got fired and cheated on in the span of two hours.
I wanted to forget my troubles with the sexy stranger at the bar, so yes, I approached him. And yes, he definitely made me forget my pathetic life that night.
Until three days later when I was officially introduced to said
stranger—as his new assistant.
The real twist?
He thinks I was sent here to kill him.
I wasn't—of course. It was all a big mix-up involving bourbon, supermodels, and government secrets labeled CLASSIFIED.
I've never even held a gun before, but apparently I give off Russian spy vibes.
I’m not the girl who grew up craving excitement.
Masked men breaking into my apartment and trying to kill me was never in my five year plan, but if we survive, maybe I can convince Mr. Big Shot to make me a part of his.

I’ve never been fooled by an enemy agent—until her.

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