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Giving in to him was like swimming with the undertow.

I was destined to get sucked under.

Single mom? Check. Trust issues? Double check.

When Reed, a sexy-as-sin surfer, becomes my beachside Coffee Cart’s competition, my life begins to unravel—starting with my faulty conviction that I’m immune to romantic desire.

The fight to keep my customers is on, right along with my ability

to keep my eyes—and hands—off of Reed’s six-pack of abs.

This beach needs a dress code.

I’ll do whatever it takes to win the Kiki Beach Bash, despite my growing attraction to the competition.

If that isn’t bad enough, my son’s dad shows up unexpectedly at my work, demanding I give our relationship another chance.

Imagine my surprise when my shirtless, margarita-mixing rival steps in to throw a punch on my behalf.

Consequently, I find myself hopelessly hooked on Reed Waldon.

He has nothing to gain from staying in Swordfish Cove, least of all a single mom with baby-daddy drama.

When summer ends, I’ll have to decide if I will let Reed go or confess to him that I’m not so dead inside after all.

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