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Falling for Temptation

Book #1 in the Good Ol' Boys series

The tattooed vixen in my first college class is everything I shouldn’t crave if I want to stay on the straight and narrow path.

My family expects me to find a sweet, innocent girl. Harley Kain’s questionable past and skin-baring clothing definitely don’t fit the bill.

I think she might be the temptress my momma prayed I would resist, but I can’t look away. All I want is to get an Agriculture degree and go back to the cornstalks and dirt. It's the only life I've ever known, and I’m perfectly content on the farm.

Until I see her.

She's guarded, but my protective instincts kick into overdrive when I find out she's been walking home alone at night. When she finally confides in me, I start to realize the dangerous life she's running from.

I want to protect her. I want to do more than that. But if I give in to my overwhelming desire for her, I'll be throwing away my future. My family will never approve.

Even if I am willing to sacrifice it all and fall for temptation, convincing Harley she's worthy of love could be impossible.


Seeing Double

Book #2 in the Good Ol' Boys series

She's a million miles out of my league. 

But when I find out that Kenna is my online student, the fake name I used to become a tutor gives me the confidence I needed to talk to her.


I don't know anything about women, but it sure seems like she's flirting with me. This would never happen if she found out I'm just that nerd who can't stop staring at her in the cafeteria, unable to speak in her presence.


If she wasn't dating my best friend, maybe I wouldn't feel so guilty for being desperately in love with her.


But Kenna is the girl every guy wants, because she lights up every room she enters with her perfect smile and addicting laugh. I can't focus on anyone else when she's nearby.


So I let myself flirt with her, and it somehow happens in real life, not just through our late-night emails.


The real hang-up is that she doesn't know there's two versions of me, the quiet guy I am on the outside and the real me beneath the surface.


When she inevitably finds out, I don't know how she'll ever forgive me for lying to her about my true identity.


Seducing the Saint

Book #3 in the Good Ol' Boys series

I hate Silas Saint. 

But we weren't always enemies... not even close.

Now, he's a star D1 college baseball pitcher, bound for the major leagues. 

We were best friends growing up, but I ran like hell after the scandal—ghosted him actually. 

I guess his taste has changed from trailer park to two-faced blonde sorority girls.

I was perfectly find with ignoring his existence before I was offered a job I couldn't refuse. If I want my school paid for, I'm stuck working for the head baseball coach.

Which means I'm forced to watch Silas sweat through batting practice and strike out every opponent he's up against. If he'd stop glaring at me from across the cafeteria, maybe I would stop flirting with everyone on the team, except for him.

I can't say why I hate him—it's a big, dirty secret. A secret Silas CANNOT find out.

A scandal.

The best word to describe my life up to this point is scandalous.

And the scandal part started with a Saint.


Kissing Friends

Book #4 in the Good Ol' Boys series

When my best friend unwittingly walks in on me in the shower, our platonic dynamic goes down the drain.

Dan has golden retriever energy.

We're polar opposites, sunshine and rain.

I should've known moving in with him would throw a kink in my plans to be grouchy and alone. He makes me smile way too much.

After getting cheated on by my high school sweetheart last year, I started spiraling, and I almost failed three classes. I will not be falling in love any time soon, not until after I graduate.

I do, however, need a rebound—no strings attached.

(Preferably someone damaged and heartless like me.)

Dan wants to lose his virginity and find a sweet, bubbly girlfriend before graduation, and I signed up to be his wingwoman. It shouldn't be too hard, considering he's the golden boy.

Everything was going just fine until that steamy afternoon when I borrowed his shower, he walked in, and now he'll never be able to look at that removable showerhead the same way again.

Or me.

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